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Beth Larsen ’13, The Girl Who Does it All

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lawrence chapter.
Beth Larsen is a busy lady. Some may know her as a Rightside Hitter for Lawrence University’s volleyball team, or as Panhellenic Greek Council’s Treasurer. She is also a member of Kappa Alpha Theta and is currently one of Lawrence University’s GlobMed Presidents. When it comes to being a part of the volleyball team she said it is a wonderful experience, especially when she was a freshman. She became close with a group of girls that she otherwise might not have had the opportunity to meet. However, what I found most fascinating was her work with GlobeMed.
Beth Larsen’s life changed when she was just 16 years old. She embarked on a medical mission in Southern Sudan with a George Washington University professor who also happened to be a surgeon. Her group worked at a small clinic called The Duk Lost Boys Clinic.
“I was able to watch as the surgeons and medical students performed surgeries and taught local staff various techniques that would hopefully improve the level of care they were able to give to their patients,” said Beth. “They even let me administer some shots!”
It is amazing that Beth had the opportunity to be involved with something she was so passionate about at such a young age. However, her experience in the clinic was eye opening, as she saw how the poor quality of life continued to affect that region of the world. 
“I saw first-hand how poverty and war affected the health of individuals and how poor health in the most impoverished regions fueled the war and exacerbated the poverty level. The worst was when I saw a 2-month old baby die from pneumonia, a disease so easily treated in the U.S.” After she saw all the war, health problems, and other issues happening in Southern Sudan, Beth was determined to do everything in her power to try and stop preventable deaths. Starting GlobMed has been her way to do just that and bring these issues to Lawrence.
GlobeMed is a national non-profit organization that uses all its resources to improve the health of the impoverished. Beth came to Lawrence and realized we didn’t have a chapter, so she took it upon herself to start one. She went through the application process and was accepted to found the chapter in 2010. Lawrence’s chapter of GlobMed is now made up of 25 members and has raised almost $7,000 dollars in less than a year. That is truly an amazing accomplishment. 
If you’re interested in getting involved with the cause, you don’t only have to be a Biology major. Beth reassured me that everyone can make a difference when it comes to GlobMed. “Whether you are a doctor that’s physically treating the patients, the administrator designing prevention programs, the marketing specialist advocating for global health initiatives, the journalist, photographer, accountant, artist…anyone can help promote the awareness of these issues.” Being a part of GlobMed is an amazing opportunity for so many students here at Lawrence, so if you have the time- get involved. Keep up the amazing work Beth!
Ariella Morik is a senior at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin studying English and Film Studies. She has served as Vice-President of Her Campus™ Lawrence for the past year and is excited to take the position of Campus Correspondent. She is an active student within her academic department and is Vice President of Programming and Social Events of the Alpha Zeta chapter of Delta Gamma. After graduation, she plans to pursue a law degree or a masters in creative writing. When she's not busy with her academic and co-curricular engagements, she finds time to run outdoors and spend time with her friends.