What I’m Listening To: March 2019

If you know me in real life, or you’ve read my other articles on Her Campus, you know music is a huge passion of mine. I am always listening to music, making playlists, recommending music to friends and going to (way too many) concerts. I don’t even know how to explain what music means to me, other than saying that I would be lost without it. As I have mentioned in previous articles, to me music is so powerful; it can completely change how I am feeling or what I think.

Another thing I’ve found is that there have been a number of times in the past where I hear a song or new artist and shortly after, they are everywhere. I remember hearing Bastille’s Pompeii on a music app and then, months later, it was all over the radio. Similarly, I heard Kacey Musgraves’ Golden Hour album in the spring of 2018, having never even heard of her, and now almost a year later, she’s all over social media and even won a Grammy for Album of the Year.

These strange, and oddly reoccurring, events have led me to feel like I might have good taste in music. This has made my passion for music even stronger. I also want to share more of what I am listening to with others, as I feel like there is nothing better than sharing the music I love with those around me – and my past predictions suggest they might just love it too.

Without further ado, I thought I would share a playlist of some of the music I have been loving lately, from artists that you may not know of as well as those you might already know. I would love to sit down and chat about why I love each and every one, but we would be here forever, so I decided to highlight some that I am most obsessed with at the moment.


Drive All Night by joan

I have been listening to the indie duo joan nonstop since I heard their 2017 release Love Somebody Like You. Their latest release, Drive All Night, has me just as hooked. It’s the perfect mix of modern and retro and makes me feel like I am in a music video. So catchy, so dreamy, and just SO good.


Claudia by FINNEAS

If you know Billie Eilish, then you know FINNEAS – her older brother. You may not know that FINNEAS also performs solo. His latest song Claudia, written about his girlfriend (and my favourite youtuber) Claudia Sulewski, is not only cute and romantic, but so unique. From the vocals to the sound variety and the fact that Claudia’s painting is the cover art, this song is almost too good to be true. 


Maybe You’re the Reason by The Japanese House

The Japanese House recently released her first full length album, Good At Falling, although I have been listening to her music since her first EP (released in 2015). The 1975’s Matty Healy and George Daniels have produced a number of her songs, including her debut album. Maybe You’re the Reason, like many of her songs, is a dreamy, chill and vibrant song that’s soft and catchy. Seems to be my vibe right now.


What a Time by Julia Michaels (featuring Niall Horan)

You probably know Julia Michaels as the pop song writing genius who has written so many hits for people like Selena Gomez, Fifth Harmony and Shawn Mendes. She started her own career as a performer with her song Issues. Her new EP, Inner Monologue Part 1, has some pretty catchy and passionate songs including What a Time, which features soft acoustic guitar, emotional vocals, and Niall Horan. What a dream.


Swim by Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin has been making an impact lately, and I am all for it. Swim, off his debut album Narrated for You, is probably my current favourite with its super catchy chorus and beat. I feel like I have used this word too much in this article, but dreamy comes to mind again. I also highly suggest listening to 1994 and If We Have Each Other off his album too!


Check out my Spotify playlist and follow me for more songs that I’m currently loving. Stay tuned for more music updates!