Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

For those who celebrate Christmas, December 25th is nearing rather quickly. It is already less than a month away which means this semester is finally coming to an end – yay!

While many of you may be in the midst of buying Christmas gifts, or maybe even finished (I for one have yet to even start), the next step is gift wrapping! I don’t know about you, but I feel like I get pulled into the same routine every year - using whatever paper I find, wrapping everything the same way, and just taping a nametag on. It’s time to get away from this.

This year, I have been inspired by images on Pinterest of super artsy and personalized gift wrapping. While this may seem too expensive or time-consuming to be realistic, it doesn’t have to be! Here are some ideas to add even more love, personality and meaning to your gifts through your wrapping!

  1. 1. Brown Paper and Natural Elements

    Wrapping your gifts in brown paper may seem boring, but brown paper and a simple string or pine bow adds a cute, natural and retro feel to any gift! Start with plain paper then add a natural element, some twine or string and a nametag!

  2. 2. Adding A Polaroid

    This tip was inspired by British Youtuber Zoella. In one of her videos, she discussed adding a polaroid photo of the recipient instead of a nametag. You could also opt to have the photo be of something else, such as scenery. This is such a fun and cute idea that adds an extra takeaway for your loved one. Try printing off a photo and sticking it to your gift or tying it on with a pretty ribbon.

  3. 3. Chalkboard Look

    I have seen the chalkboard look incorporated into home décor, but you can also take inspiration from the oldschool look and apply it to your gift wrapping! Simply use black paper, preferably with a matte finish, and a white parament marker or even white paint. Add personalized text and doodles and voila! A beautiful and unique gift.

  4. 4. Animals and Characters

    Another cute idea is to transform your gift into a cute animal! I think this works best with Christmas / winter themed animals. Start with plain paper and add simple details like ears, noses and antlers with different art supplies. You can make a bear or reindeer like the ones shown here, or even expand to characters like Frosty the Snowman or the Grinch.

  5. 5. Old-Fashioned Parcel

    Another wrapping idea that involves using brown paper is making your gift look like an old parcel or postcard! You know retro is always in. Write a message where the address would go, faux postage in the top corner and use red, blue and white striped string to create this retro look!

  6. 6. Bright Colours

    While Christmas is traditionally styled with red and green, there is no actual rule that your wrapping must conform to this style. I have seen lots of colourful wrapping papers and decorative elements. Try branching out with your selections. Adding some colour will make your gifts stand out as unique and personal.

There are many more ideas out there to explore and try, but I hope that this article gave you some inspiration to make your gift wrapping more exciting and unique! Remember, Christmas time is about celebrating family, love and generosity. There are no rules when it comes to gift wrapping so be true to yourself and be creative! I hope you enjoy the holidays! Happy gifting!