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Starbucks rolls out its “Pennywise Frappuccino”

“Hi Georgie” – it’s the beginning of Fall, and Starbucks has released its spooky, bloody drink right in time for Halloween. It’s called the IT drink, and as the name suggests, the drink is inspired by the clown Pennywise, from the 1990 Stephen King novel. Starbucks has come up with so many themed drinks in the past; this summer, they came out with the Tye-Dye Frappuccino that was trending amongst people and of course Starbucks lovers while supplies lasted. 

The IT drink is a limited edition Frappuccino, which might not be known to everyone since only some Starbucks locations are serving it. That does not mean you can’t get your “IT” drink though, it’s just a matter of telling your barista that you’d like a regular vanilla bean frappuccino topped with strawberry puree and that’s IT. The signs outside the participating Starbucks say “Get it before it floats away”.

The IT drink is definitely not one of the so-called “secret menu” items, as it’s a vanilla bean frappuccino with some extra toppings. The Starbucks Secret Menu is a thing, however, where there used to be a Birthday frappuccino, Butterbeer frappuccino, Rainbow refresher and many more.  

If you are a fan of the movie or book, the IT drink is a must-try and a good catch this Halloween season. Even if you don’t like scary movies, this festive frappuccino is sure to please your taste buds.

Varsha Sriganesh

Laurier Brantford '21

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