Songs I Listen to When I’m Having a Hard Time

Music has always played a large role in my life. I am always listening to music; when I’m working, when I’m commuting, when I’m cooking… Even when I’m not in the best mood some songs are words that I have a hard time expressing. Here is a list of songs that help me when I’m having a hard time.

Songs to know that’s okay not to be okay

  1. In My Blood  - Shawn Mendes

In this Shawn Mendes talks about his struggle with anxiety. The main message is that no matter how long your anxiety lasts you can come out of it stronger. The parts that really touches me is “Sometimes I feel like giving up/ But I just can’t” and the chorus. These parts help me understand that no matter how hard it is at the moment there is always a rainbow on the other side.

  1. Voices - Stray Kids

This song is by the Korean boyband Stray Kids and it’s about all the voices you can hear, the voices that judge you, that tell you what to do. Also, about your own voice that lets out all your demons. In Voices, the singers talk about breaking free from the voices and when I listen to this song it helps me with my demons and not listen to all the voices.

  1. Epiphany - BTS

This song is sung by a member of the Korean boyband BTS, Jin. In Epiphany, Jin sings about and acknowledging all his imperfection. I’ve been a fan of BTS for 5 years now and this song is my favorite song ever released by them because it talks about some of my struggles. The chorus goes “I’m the one I should love in this world/ Shining me, soul of mine/ I finally realized so I love me/ Not perfect but so beautiful/ I’m the one I should love”, it really helps me when I have low confidence. Through this, I learned that I should love myself before loving anyone else even though I’m not the perfect person I wish to be.

  1. Understand - Shawn Mendes

This song is about being afraid of changing but realizing in the end that changing is not a bad thing. As I get older, I’m not sure the person I’m becoming, I sometimes don’t recognize who I am and when I listen to this song I forget about my fright and just embrace it because it’s growing up.

  1. A Little Braver - New Empire

This is a love song, and I have no knowledge of love, what made me add the song to this list is the chorus “ When it gets hard/ I get a little stronger now/ I get a little braver now/ And when it gets dark/ I get a little brighter now/ I get a little wiser now”. It gives me strength that whatever I’ going through is only temporary and that when I get through it I will be stronger, braver and wiser.

Songs that put me in a good mood

When one of those 4 songs come on it’s hard for me to sit down and not dance. So, when I’m not in a good mood those songs instantly change my mood. They are fun to listen to.

  1. X (remix) Nicky Jam, J Blavin, Ozuna & Maluma
  2. Pretend CNCO
  3. One More Time Super Junior, Reik 
  4. A Different Love DJ Snake, Lauv