Single Chronicles

Is it just me, or is everyone around me in a relationship right now? Right? You don’t realize it ‘til you actually take a second to look around for a while. I thought it was a mistake on my end, that I was the problem, but that’s when I realized that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being single in your 20s. I feel like there’s a huge rush for everyone to find their significant other and settle that people don’t really get the time to truly figure themselves out and enjoy being alone. I’m a huge extrovert, but I can also be the biggest introvert, and that’s when I realized how much I love my alone time.

I’m not here to pinpoint the pros and cons of being single, but more or less to share that it’s totally okay to be single! Most people I speak to who are single are mostly embarrassed or shy to say they’re single. I’ve never understood why because there’s truly nothing wrong with being single. This is our time to figure ourselves out, do whatever we’d like to do, and not have any drama in our lives. I’m definitely not implying that relationships are drama, because when you do find the one for you, it’ll all be worth it. But 'til then, trust the universe and hold your horses!

There are several things we can work on figuring out and bettering during these times of our life. Over the years I gave so much priority to my relationships that I failed to focus on the little things that mattered, like spending time with my friends and family, considering my hobbies and sometimes even realizing that I had hobbies! Once I was single I had so much time to truly find myself and discover passions I had no idea about.

What I’m trying to say here is that relationships are awesome and I truly respect and admire them, but not being in one at this very moment is not the end of the world. You should most definitely use these years as an advantage to discover yourself and find out things about yourself. Don’t let the loneliness lead you to something that’s forced or not worth it in the long run. Take time for yourself and learn to love and appreciate your own company.