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What is flotation therapy? Does it work? What is it like? This article will give an overview of flotation therapy and will include my personal take!

Compared to floating in the Dead Sea, flotation therapy is a process of sensory deprivation. The act of sensory deprivation means your body gets to take a break; it is no longer being stimulated by the outside world. As you lay in the 11 inches of water and 1100 pounds of Epsom salt, your body floats to the surface, with nothing else but soothing music (or silence if you prefer) and soft light surrounding you. You begin to float away to a state of complete relaxation. The owner of Nu-U-Float in Brantford, Ontario describes the tanks you float in as an environment as opposed to an object; an environment to rest, relax, and repair yourself (Francois Milbin, 2020). The tanks themselves are completely soundproof and are made so that no light can get in, allowing you to be in complete silence and darkness if you choose. In short, when one floats, their body and brain finally get a second to rest; there is nothing happening that the body needs to react to or be aware of, and because of this, endorphins are released (Francois Milbin, 2020). Flotation therapy has many benefits including muscle relaxation, softening of skin and hair, chronic pain relief, anxiety relief, assistance with sleep, athletic training recovery, injury recovery, and a strengthened immune system (Francois Milbin, 2020). 

Prior to a few weeks ago I didn’t even know what floatation therapy was. It wasn’t until one of my roommates told me about Nu-U Float, a floating studio located in Brantford that I started to learn about floating. I couldn’t believe that floating was a thing, let alone that there was somewhere so close I could go to try it out. So I booked an appointment and I was impressed, my experience was amazing. For my float, I chose to have the lights and music on.  I was slightly nervous given the fact that I tend to get claustrophobic, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the float cabin is actually quite roomy, with enough room to stand. My favorite part about the experience was that it was very private, the flotation tanks/cabins are all in their own personal rooms, with your own shower. It made me feel that much more comfortable and relaxed, knowing that I had my privacy. I did find the experience quite relaxing and I definitely want to do it again. Being in the tank and being able to simply focus on that moment in time was very calming, I enjoyed the introspection it allowed me to have. I was finally able to rest my body and mind in a way I feel I haven’t before. 

I highly recommend floating, especially at Nu-U Float if you’re local to Brantford. To me, it is one of those things you have to experience at least once, and with all the benefits you can’t go wrong!

Trinity Sheppard

Wilfrid Laurier '22

She is a 3rd year Social Work student with a minor in Indigenous studies. When she's not watching her DVD's or listening to her vinyl collection you can find her painting, drawing, or hanging out with family and friends.
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