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I love Taylor Swift and I am unashamed of this fact. I talk about Taylor as if we’re best friends (see, we’re on a first-name basis). I follow her religiously on social media and I simply adore her Netflix documentary (seriously, give it a watch!) Taylor Swift is not only an icon, but she is one of my favourite celebrities and a killer singer/songwriter! Taylor Swift is my idol and that is why I have decided to take you on a journey of her latest music video, “The Man”.

Let me start this review by letting you know that I have watched “The Man” about eight times since its release, and I will probably watch it another eight times by the time this article is published. What I am basically doing is simply reiterating that I love Taylor Swift and I love this music video. 

Let me walk you through the video. 

At the beginning, we have “The Man” standing and looking out a window. What does this mean? Does Taylor find herself removed from the world and like a stranger looking out on a world that doesn’t even realize she’s standing there? Am I really reaching for an explanation when maybe this does not represent anything but is just a cool shot to open the music video? Probably. 

Now we have met “The Man” and TBH he’s kind of gross. We’ve seen him spreading his legs as wide as humanly possible on the subway, all while smoking a cigar and knocking ash into some lady’s purse. At 53 seconds in, we really get our first major easter egg from Taylor, and it is glorious! For those who are unaware, essentially, there is tons of drama in the industry right now with musicians picking sides and Taylor not owning the rights to her own music as it has been acquired by Scooter Braun in what seems to have been a secret deal.

In the video, we see a sign that has an image of a scooter and a big red circle with a red line through it. It very clearly means “No Scooters”, as in Scooter Braun. If that isn’t enough, it’s 13th Street Station, Taylor’s number with her previous album names spray-painted on the wall. The word “Karma” is also written, and a sign reads “Missing If Found Return to Taylor Swift”. And our friend “The Man” is actually urinating on the wall. He is the definition of class!

Next, we have to ask at 1:27, who is that!? Is that Leo in St. Tropez? Or is it Leo literally anywhere exotic doing literally everything surrounded by models? It honestly gives Wolf of Wall Street vibes and I’m kind of digging it. Like, can I be on a yacht surrounded by models? I think it would be amazing for the ‘gram. 

Mandance? Mr. Americana? Tyler Swift? Amazing. All of it is amazing. It honestly looks like Jake Gyllenhaal on the poster for the parody of Taylor Swift’s documentary, Miss Americana. But you knew that, right? Oh yeah, you knew that “All Too Well”. 

It clearly says “Owned by Taylor Swift”. Enough said. 

Whoa, whoa, whoa! So you’re telling me that Tyler Swift is literally just Taylor Swift dressed as a man?! Holy plot twist! I mean, I sure as heck did not see that one coming. I guess Ms. Swift works in mysterious ways, you know?

Anyway, thank you for following along on this rollercoaster that is Taylor Swift. And hopefully, if you weren’t a fan before, you’ll consider being one now cause there can never be too many Swifties in this world.

Meghan Cameron

Laurier Brantford '20

Meghan is a fourth-year Criminology student with a passion for writing. She enjoys tea, petting dogs, and thrift shopping. Meghan spends her days planning trips she can't yet afford and practicing her award show acceptance speech! Give her a follow on Instagram @megeghan_c for punny captions and too many selfies.