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Review of the Students’ Union Presidential Debate

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Laurier Brantford chapter.

Zemar Hakim, Klaudia Wojtanowski, Ibrahim Musa and Talha Naeem are all in the running in the 2019-2020 Students’ Union Presidential election.

At the presidential debate on the Brantford campus the four hopefuls answered questions to further engage with the public and explain their platform.

Hakim’s platform is split between internal and external resources to students. Under internal he wants to organize club distribution within the Students’ Union and enhance the Food Bank services. Externally he would like to have smoothie bars in athletic facilities on both campuses and 24-hour access to student buildings.

On the Brantford campus the current president has temporarily implemented the 24-hour access, but Hakim would like to “nudge that into permanency.”

Wojtanowski’s three-phase mental health program is to better equip older students and Laurier staff with the information to handle mental health first aid emergencies.

“Provide mental health training to all ice breakers, as they interact a lot one on one with students and making sure that’s a priority for them,” said Wojtanowski.

She also wants to continue to enhance the student experience by promising a one to two-week turnaround for reimbursements.

Musa’s platform is all based around transparency. He wants to have a more summarized audit that is one to three pages, instead of the typical 30.

“By making a list of the things we desperately need to do for both campuses and putting it online, I can hold myself accountable and you can hold me accountable,” said Musa.

If elected, he also wants to negotiate for a cheaper parking contact to lower parking fees.

Naeem plans to bring local services together and provide transportation between the two campuses.

“Short term or long term this is what students have asked for, and it’s difficult, but we will get it done,” he said.

He also is aware that tuition fees are rising for both international and domestic students, and will use his position to address these issues with the provincial government.

Voting will open on January 22 and will close January 24.


Natasha O'Neill

Laurier Brantford '21

Second year Digital Media and Journalism student at Laurier Brantford! I love finding new opportunities to share others' stories and write about them. I also enjoy cooking, photography and playing on the Women's Varsity Soccer team.