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Reasons to Wear or Not to Wear Makeup

Whenever we talk about makeup, there are generally two reactions from people: a negative one and a positive one. Before my investigation, I personally thought that makeup would be associated primarily with a body image struggle, but it certainly is way deeper than that.

Makeup is definitely a mood booster for some. Amanda Vanderham, a second year student at Laurier and also a makeup lover says, “I wear makeup because … if I were to have a bad day I find that makeup is kind of like a ‘pick me up.’ It’s not even about self-esteem, but more of just about getting ready and looking good.”

Half the time women don’t even think about makeup as something that would help them to cover their flaws. Instead, it is a form of art that helps them to meditate and show off their creativity.

Other women do use makeup to cover up their insecurities, but it should not be seen as a negative thing. This instrument can help women to embrace themselves and help them feel confident.

Nataly Manychanh, a first year student at Laurier Brantford, says that it generally helps her to make a good first impression when meeting new people. She says, “You want to impress people and you want them to have a good judgment of you.”

Makeup can be a part of our look and can help us feel more confident in specific situations. Manychanh says, “If you are not wearing makeup, you can sometimes feel underdressed if you are going to an event … it is sort of part of the outfit.”

Brendan Masselink, a second year student at Laurier Brantford, encourages women to wear makeup if it makes them feel good: “I think some girls wear makeup because they feel like they need to … but I also think that there are other girls who are confident and use it as almost like an artistic display of who they are and their personality.”

Women are often seen to wear makeup to impress males. Masselink, along with the rest of the interviewees, says that there is no problem with it: “Sometimes guys, they start working out because they want to attract a girl. Putting in the effort, dressing nice and making ourselves presentable to attract someone else … it is just human nature and there is nothing wrong with it.”

There should be no pressure for women to wear or not to wear makeup. Women should do whatever makes them feel confident.


Liz Shiro

Laurier Brantford '21

I am a second year journalism student at Laurier Brantford. This year I am the communication director for Digital Media and Journalism Student Association. I am passionate about writing, videography and makeup. I also create videos for She Scores and play badminton.