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The year is almost coming to an end and it’s time to look back at everything that happened this year: the good, the bad, the sad. As a huge fan of music, I love looking back at the songs that made my year 2019 for me, the songs that made me happy, made me cry, made me dance.  I thought, “Why not?”: for my last article of the year, here’s a list of my top 5 albums of 2019!

Harry Styles – Fine Line

Fine Line is Harry Styles’ sophomore album, released on December 13th. This album is very different from Harry Styles, his first album. In my point of view, this album gives a more personal view of Harry Styles’ life; he sings about his love life from the beginning of the relationship to the breakup. Out of the two albums he put out so far, this one is my favorite. The songs speak more to me and make me feel more emotions. As someone who has been following Harry Styles since the early days of One Direction, the evolution we see though this album makes me very happy. Some of my favourite songs from this album are “Adore You” and “Cherry”. 100% recommend listening to the album.

Post Malone – Hollywood’s Bleeding

This is Post Malone’s third album, one of the albums that has been on replay for me since it’s release. Hollywood’s Bleeding fits all of my moods and is an album I can listen to anytime when I’m studying, when I’m cleaning… Post Malone’s albums rarely disappointed me but Hollywood’s Bleeding put the bar so high that I don’t think any of his future albums can top it. With this album, Post Malone secured his spot as my favorite rapper. Two of my favorite songs from Hollywood’s Bleeding are “Hollywood’s Bleeding” and “Circles”.

88Rising – Head in the Clouds II

The second album from the record label 88Rising. Head in the Clouds II is one of my favourite albums this year because a lot of artists I listen to on the daily participated like NIKI, Rich Brian, Jackson Wang and Joji to name a few. This album is a mix a different genres including rap, R&B, and pop. It’s a really fun album to listen to; you can dance to some of the songs and relax to others. Two of my favourite songs are “La La Lost You” and “Walking”. If you want to discover a bunch of amazing artists, I recommend listening to Head in the Clouds II.

Chen – Dear My Dear

Dear My Dear is Chen’s, the main vocalist from the Korean boyband EXO, second mini-album. Made of 6 ballads, this album is my favourite K-pop album of the year. The way Chen’s vocals sound on the songs and the emotions his voice carries makes listening to this album a special experience. Since it came out, the songs from Dear My Dear have been on all my monthly playlists. My favourite songs are the title track “Shall We?” and “Good Night”. I heavily recommend listening to this album; it’s fantastic and perfectly fits the vibe of cold weather days.

Ruel – Free Time

Ruel is a 17-year-old singer from Australia. Free Time is not a full album but an EP. I discovered Ruel earlier this year and was completely swayed by his music and his voice. His musical style is soul and R&B, completely represented in the EP. This EP makes you go on trip through different stages of young love but also the way fame impacts his life. My favourite songs are “Free Time” and “Unsaid”.

Maeva Lago

Laurier Brantford '22

I am Maéva Lago-Dogo a Digital Media & Journalism major. I love K-pop, K-drama, traveling, Motorsports and spending a dangerous amount of time on Twitter and Netflix. Follow me on my Instagram @maeva_lagodogo.
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