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Meet Our HC Team: Presidents

Who organizes the team, runs the meetings and keeps the chaos calm? Meet Bryanna and Jessa, this year’s co-presidents of Her Campus at Laurier Brantford! 


Bryanna Millben

Bryanna is a 3rd year English student and a recent transfer to Laurier Brantford. Since she started in September she’s joined the cast of Legally Blonde: The Musical presented by the Laurier Brantford Musical Society, and is the new co-Campus Correspondent of Laurier Brantford. Bryanna was previously the co-CC of Her Campus UWindsor, and she’s super excited to continue her journey with Her Campus here at Laurier. She’s a huge Harry Potter nerd, has a seven-year old golden retriever named Marley who is literally her best friend, and is excited to use this platform to get conversations started. 


Jessa Braun

Jessa is a fourth year Community Health major with minors in English and Professional Writing. She is Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Laurier Brantford, captain of the varsity cross country and soccer teams, Sport Editor for The Sputnik, and a lifeguard at the Laurier Brantford YMCA. In her spare time, she runs a movement called She Scores, a media platform that aims to raise gender equality in sport and shed a light on professional female athletes. Jessa loves exploring forests, obsessing over Harry Potter and eating carbs and sugary foods. 


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