A Look at Celebrities in the #10YearChallenge

A recent Facebook and Instagram trend has users experiencing major throwback vibes. If you don’t already know what the #10YearChallenge is, here’s the breakdown: simply compare a photo of yourself from 2009 to your most recent 2019 photo and voila! Experience some serious nostalgia and gratitude for the magical difference that 10 years can make. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look a look back at these celeb transformations:

Miley Cyrus 

Our girl, Miley, has definitely experienced major ups and downs over the past 10 years. 2009 was a big year for Miley. In April, the sweet home-town girl was gearing up for the premiere of the movie that made its mark on many of our childhoods – Hannah Montana: The Movie. Miley was also making headway in the music charts with her smash hits Party in the USA, Hoedown Throwdown, and The Climb. My 11-year old self was loving all the Miley/Hannah Montana hype in 2009. Flash forward 10 years and Miley is still loved for her free-spirit and fierceness. To state the obvious, her style has completely evolved over the decade. Although her evolution was hard for some to swallow, Miley has definitely portrayed her confidence and resilience to the world. The singer/actress is now married to her long-time beau, Liam Hemsworth, and it’s rumoured that they are ready to soon start a family together. Miley has lots of music to hit us with in 2019, and we are living for it! She is already killing it with Mark Ronson and their single, Nothing Breaks Like a Heart , which is topping the charts this year.

Robert Pattinson 

Here’s another throwback to one of our childhood faves – Robert Pattinson! Back in 2009, Robert Pattinson, better yet, Edward Cullen, was fighting off werewolves and longing for Bella’s love in the second released Twilight movie, New Moon. Although Pattison has been featured in some films since the Twilight saga, he seems to have disappeared from the limelight! After breaking it off with his on- and off-screen girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, Pattinson is now happily seeing Suki Waterhouse. Pictured on the right, Pattinson struts his stuff at the Dior Menswear Fashion show - check it out here! Am I the only one who still gets major vampire vibes?!

Snooki (Nicole Polizzi)

I know what you’re thinking. First: holy mama, Snooki got HOT! Second: how has it been 10 years since the first ever premiere of Jersey Shore?! The definition of meatball has never been the same since the world’s introduction to Snooki in 2009. The Jersey Shore crew taught the entire world how to G-T-L (gym, tan, laundry) and party. Snooki’s signature puff has disappeared in 2019, as you can see above. Nicole Polizzi is now a wife and mother to two of her own little meatballs. She is slaying and continues to make waves in the TV world. If you miss the Jersey Shore cast, you can catch up with them on their newest season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, premiering sometime this year.

Jonah Hill

If you thought Snooki’s transformation was powerful, check out Jonah Hill! In 2009, Hill was premiering in the movie, The Invention of Lying. Just a year earlier in 2008, he was featured in Superbad. This is the Jonah Hill that I remember! Again, flash forward an entire decade, and we’ve got ourselves a Hill 2.0! Jonah is looking healthy and fit in his recent 2019 pics. Hill’s weight loss began in 2011 and he is continuing to stay lean. According to Jonah, cutting out beer was a main contributing factor to his dramatic weight loss. That makes me wonder, would cutting out wine have the same effect? I think I should look into that… Props to Jonah for inspiring so many of us to make healthier choices!

Jamie-Lynn Spears

Are you still salty about the abrupt ending of Zoey 101? ‘Cause same. But not really…look at how adorable Jamie-Lynn is with her daughters! In 2009, the famous actress was enjoying life with her newborn Maddie. Maddie’s arrival was a shock to most of the star’s young fans, and Spears was under hot fire for a long time! Now, the stunning mama has welcomed another precious diva into the world named Ivey. Yes ladies, little Maddie Spears who (allegedly) ruined Zoey 101 is ELEVEN years old! Jamie-Lynn is such a cute mama and keeps all of her followers updated with her family and music life over on Instagram.


How have you changed over the past ten years? Was it for better or for worse? I encourage all of you to take part in the #10YearChallenge! Here’s to the next ten years.