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How to Make University Feel Like a Home Away From Home

Going to university is something that can be scary. You’re moving to a new city, state or province or even a different country. Meeting new people and being far away from your family and home can easily make you feel  homesick.

Here are a few tips on how to make university feel like a home away from home.


Make your room as familiar as possible. Bring decorations that remind you of your room at home, like a poster of your favorite artist or show.. You can hang pictures of your family and friends. Additionally, you can rearrange the furniture to make the room more like a room that was made for you. You can bring pillows, a comforter, throw blanket or tapestry for your wall from home.  


If you live in an apartment style dorm or in your own apartment cooking and eating food that you ate at home can help with the homesickness. So, if you are not in university yet you should learn a few home meals.

Traditional touch

If you are an international student, bringing something from your home country can help with the homesickness. This could be something like a small sculpture, pottery or a special food that’s hard to find outside of your home country.


Try to keep habits or traditions that you had at home with your family. For example, if back  home, you would eat dinner at 7:30pm, try to eat your dinner at 7:30pm or around the same time (if you don’t have class). Also, you can try to create habits or tradition of your own that would give you a feeling of familiarity the more you exercise them.

Keep in touch

The most important tip is to keep in touch with your family and friends. Try to talk to them every day or as often  as you can. They will help you through the hard you will have in university.


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