High-End Makeup vs. Drugstore Makeup: Which One Should You Choose?

Makeup can be very fun and empowering, but it can also be expensive. Shopping at Sephora can be overwhelming, especially in terms of prices. Although, the customers can get unique services and samples that can help them to find the perfect products. Generally, drugstores are more relaxed in terms of prices, but the customers face other challenges, such as not receiving help in finding the correct shades.

Each store has its own perks and disadvantages. The main question remains: Which one should I choose? So, as a makeup lover, I went out and investigated.

A Sephora employee, who wants to remain anonymous, says, “Before working at Sephora I bought low-end makeup, but now I rarely buy those, because the quality is different -- especially the powders.”

The higher end companies generally harvest their own ingredients themselves, rather than buying them off companies that can be unaware of how the ingredients are being treated.

Sephora has brands such as Urban Decay, Too Faced, Nars and more, which people usually buy for the name rather than the actual product.

In addition, according to Instagram make-up artist Kayla Scheffler, “YouTube directly influences people. When a YouTuber talks about a new product, everyone wants to buy it. It has made my time working at a makeup store difficult, because not all products will work for all skin types.”

In my opinion, Sephora has a lot more makeup experts compared to most drugstores, so it is easier to approach the workers for advise with colour or a mini-lesson in makeup application. Although, this does not dismiss the fact that these services are available in drugstores.

All Shoppers Drug Mart beauty boutiques (shoutout to ig:@beautyboutique986), also have beauty experts who are trained on all the beauty products in the store. They will gladly help any customers with any makeup questions. They can also teach the customers how to apply the makeup. I had a wonderful experience with the Shoppers location in North York.

Cassie Arnott, a Shoppers beauty expert, says, “often it is about finding the right products that work for you … I don’t have a favorite brand. Instead, I have favourite products.”

For each makeup brand there are hits and misses, and customers should try to find their favourites.

Both, Shoppers Drug Mart and Sephora have 30 days return policies, so if you don’t like the product you bought, don’t hesitate to return it. This is especially important if the store doesn’t have samplers for specific products. So, buy the products, try them out and return the one you dislike.