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Hannah Moskowitz

Hidden Brantford Gems: Sweet Spots and Scenaries

Brantford, Brantford, Brantford! As much as our students love saying they wish they were at another campus or we had more things to do on our campus, at the end of the day, we all know the quirks of our town and that’ll never change. Brantford has its own little personal touch to it, and when I graduate I’m going I’m going to miss the little things so dearly. This article will be about some of my favorite places to go in Brantford to eat at and some cool new additions to our campus.

On days when I have time, something I love doing is watching both the sunrise and the sunset. I’m not sure how many other people enjoy doing this, but once you watch a sunset at the places I’m about to share, I can promise you it’ll become a hobby of yours, too. So – the first place would be right behind the casino. There’s a little skate park which has this massive structure you can climb up. Once you get over your fear of heights and climb this thing, the lookout is beautiful and you can see right above the river, and when the sun is setting it’s quite the scene. Would highly recommend! The second one is right by our YMCA. On the Colborne side of the YMCA by the little bridge that goes over to the parkade, that whole area is an amazing place to catch a good sunrise or sunset. I’ve caught myself seeing the time and running over just to watch it, not to forget the fact that it’s also an awesome place to study at!

Now, time to cover the actual good stuff. Desserts! When I first got to Brantford, there weren’t many good dessert places, but as time goes by there are so many little places that I’ve started to love going to for all my sugar cravings.

Waffles and Crepes, right at the edge of our campus by the YMCA on Colborne Street, is in a super quiet setting with the cutest French aesthetics going on. It’s just the place you want to go too for a nice intimate dessert treat. There’s a huge variety of sweet and savory crepes that are undoubtedly going to satisfy any craving you’re having. Unfortunately, if you do follow the news you may be aware that there was an incident with this place and its closed for the time being because of the destruction of the building. Make sure to check it out when it reopens!

The Symposium has been my go to for cake cravings as of late. They have an excellent selection of all kinds of cakes and crepes as well. They have huge portions, enough to last you for the day, some food to take home and some food to last. Though it’s a little further away from campus, it’s definitely worth the trip!

Moon Tea is a place I haven’t tried yet, but I’ve heard nothing but amazing reviews about it along with almost everyone walking around campus with a drink from there. Right at the heart of campus, this bubble tea spot seems to be a huge hit among students. I’d recommend taking a look at the menu just as I did: everything looks yummy!

Blue Dog Café on Brant Avenue is the cutest little café not too far from our campus with loads of board games that are just waiting to be played. Along with the games come lots of varieties of snacks, meals and drinks. The best part about this place that it comes with entertainment along with healthy food and treats as well.

So there you have it! My favorite hidden gems in Brantford. If your time in this town is limited, make sure to check out some of these sweet spots and scenaries!

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Laurier Brantford '20

Laurier Brantford :)