Get to Know HASSA!

One of the things that brings me joy about being a Laurier Golden Hawk is the community! There are TONS of opportunities for getting involved on campus – from clubs to associations to choirs and sports teams, and more! Laurier students work crazy hard to get people involved on campus and to set up events to showcase their club/association!

When planning events, clubs and associations often put on “Stress Buster” events. These are usually times where students can drop in and take part in some de-stressing activities like colouring, bracelet making, and stress ball making. They can even get some brain food! Yummy snacks to make sure students have the energy they need to keep studying. 

One association that I think is worth mentioning is HASSA, the Human and Social Sciences Association, run by President Katelyn Westra! This association is made up of students who each have an important role to ensure the success of all of their events. HASSA is a parent to many of the commonly known clubs and associations such as the Criminology Student Association, Mock Trial Club, Health Studies Student Association and Game Design and Development Student Association.

As president, Katelyn’s responsibility is to ensure everything within the association runs as smoothly as possible, which includes overseeing the events put on by the clubs within the association to help Golden Hawks enhance their academic success and meet new people. She also helps plan the events as much as she does all the background work! Pretty crucial member of the team I might say! The main priority of HASSA is to make a positive impact on the Laurier community through academic and social events and by helping people network with fellow Golden Hawks!