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First Year’s Guide to Laurier Brantford

Laurier Brantford is one of the most underrated universities in Ontario and while going into my third year, I took some time to reflect on things that I wish I was told in first year. I compiled this list for all the first years who may not be on campus this year or are on campus and will not get to experience all of the wonders of Laurier Brantford. I also made this list for the students, like me, who are going into second, third or fourth year and want to remember when life was a little bit sweeter. 

  1. The locals are harmless and amusing at times.

  2. Scooters get the right of way - no matter where or when, move out of the way. 

  3. You can get from one end of campus to the other in 7 mins. Faster if you’re running late for a midterm and literally running. 

  4. Vegas = NO! But Lonnies = YES!

  5. One Market is a study space sent from heaven.

  6. You probably shouldn’t get a Tims iced coffee every day… but you will.

  7. If you’re lucky you’ll meet the lady with her pet pig.

  8. You don’t need that bookstore sweater…. Keep walking. 

  9. Crazy Bills is an interesting establishment, useful when you’re craving candy on your way to class. 

  10. Get to Dairee Delight ASAP!

  11. Use foot patrol, the wellness center and other resources on campus, they are there for a reason. 

  12. Sell your textbooks and use the money at the poster fair. 

  13. Go to class - even Brantford Foundations (I know it’s torture).

  14. It's a small campus - what you do with your time here will make that a good or a bad thing. 

  15. Join every Facebook group you can - someone is always selling something.

  16. GET INVOLVED!!! It’s a better way to meet people than at a house party.

  17. Your favourite local will be the lady who sings around Christmas time, you’ll know her when you hear her. 

  18. Keep spare change on you at all times - there is always a bake sale in Odeon or GRH.

  19. Cheese croissants from coffee culture - that’s all.  

  20. Enjoy your time here. You’ll miss it once you’re gone. 

Koyal Vyas

Laurier Brantford '22

Fourth Year Digital Media and Journalism student, Hockey fanatic, Lover of smarties and pizza and secretly wishing I was at Hogwarts right now.
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