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Emma Watson, one exceptional woman out of many

Emma Watson is an exceptional woman and is one of the significant role models I look up to. From a young age, she has broken the stereotypes of women in both her movie roles and in real life. She is worth all of the praise she gets, and to go with the theme of Women’s Day this week, I chose to highlight her and her accomplishments. 

A majority of the world knows Emma Watson for her acting roles and the awards she has received for these accomplishments. She started off acting in the Harry Potter series, where she played Hermione Granger, one of the main characters, and continued this role throughout all eight movies. This is also where Watson received a plethora of awards for her performances including the teen choice award, MTV movie award, Young Artist Award, New York Film Critics Award and National Movie award. She then went on to partner with Disney in the fantastic live-action version of The Beauty and the Beast where she, not only played Belle but sang all of the songs for the movie. Another favourite movie that Watson has starred in is Perks of Being a Wallflower where she plays a teenage girl named Sam who is shy, but fun-loving. The movie Little Women is a coming of age movie that showcases the story of four sisters plus the ups and downs they go through in life. Watson stars in the role of Meg March and plays this sister in a beautiful and composed way. 

The world does not know that aside from acting, Watson has made a name for herself in regards to being known as a humanitarian. She has been working with the United Nations since July 2014 as a Goodwill Ambassador and has been advocating for the UN’s Women’s He or She Campaign. She has been involved in advocating for girl’s education since beginning her work with the UN and has taken the time to visit countries like Bangladesh and Zambia to become aware of the circumstances. The list does not end there as Watson’s humanitarian efforts also stem from fair trade and organic clothing topics. 

Watson has shown from a young age that she is aware of the privilege and opportunities she has and will continue to use them to make the right changes in the world. She is a role model to myself and many others because she wants to make the tough decisions and takes every experience as a learning opportunity as well.

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