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If you are like me, you have been and still are a huge fan of 5SOS for almost seven years. 5 Seconds of Summer’s new album, C A L M came out and it is nothing like the rest of the albums they have released. Join me in another review of mine, just based on a band this time!

Let’s start off with the first song on the album, "Red Desert". This song gives me chills. The harmonies are amazing. This song is about starting to live your life rather than just surviving. Fantastic song if you ask me.

"No Shame" - I honestly love this song. I think this is the same vibe that a lot of their older songs have which is why I love it, but I am loving the new vibes 5SOS has got going on. 

"Old Me" - this song is for the fans that have been around for forever. The music video was adorable; it showed Luke, Ashton, Michael and Calum as young adolescents and then transitioned into how they are now. It is such a tune, I feel like it would be really awesome hearing this song live. 

"Easier" -  this song is about whether or not being in a certain relationship is worth it. Is it easier to stay or go? A lot of people have these thoughts, not knowing what to do. People don’t want to change who they are, and they are admitting that. I feel like there is so much thought behind this song, especially when Luke has been through some tough relationships as it is.

"Teeth" - when I first heard this song, I swear the background medley is the same tone from Stranger Things. Though, this is another song about toxic relationships. “Turning into someone I don’t know." “Fight so dirty, but love so sweet”. I don’t think that's what love really is.

"Wildflower" - I love the tune of this song. This is a song that you want to scream the lyrics to and dance around the house listening to. "Wildflower" is about feeling so close with your partner and the connection you have with them. 

"Best Years" - this is one of my favourite songs of this album. This song is about messing up, but wanting to change and give your partner the world and create some perfect memories. “I want to hold your hand while we are growing up”. I absolutely love this lyric.

"Not in the Same Way" is another favourite of mine. This song makes me want to dance and scream the lyrics on the top of my lungs, which I will totally be doing at their Toronto show. This song is about two people who love each other but not in the same way. One loves what the other does for them, and the other loves the other one for who they are.

"Lover of Mine" - oh look, it’s another favourite song of mine. This song is absolutely beautiful. It sounds like there is rain in the background, which is really nice. This song is about getting back the one you’ve lost once, and never again. The love of your life is the only thing that you got right.

"Thin White Lies" - this song is about being with your partner one more time since they have broken you so badly that you can no longer stay with them. This song is amazing: the words, the medley, everything is fantastic.

"Lonely Heart" is about how if your partner who you connected with well wants to leave because they do not feel the connection anymore. It will break your heart but that is something you will have to deal with.

Last but not least, "High". "High" is my absolute favourite song off this album. This song is about how you want the person you love to think of you in a good way rather than being so negative when they talk about you. I honestly have no words to explain how beautiful this song is. The medley, Luke, Ashton, Calum and Michael’s voices are absolutely beautiful. 

Let’s hope this show will still go on in August; I hope to see some of you in the pit!

Morgan Capinding

Wilfrid Laurier '21

Needs coffee to function, but loves concerts and to travel
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