Burn that lipstick, throw your $200 pallet from a high rise!

When we say the words make up destruction, the first thing that comes to mind is the oddly satisfying videos of someone melting lipstick or using a tweezer to crush their eye-shadow palette. Destroying often means to spoil or damage something, but sometimes you destroy to make things better. For a while now, high-end makeup products have been thrown, cut, shaped and destroyed and it's been trending, so let's break down why.

  1. 1. The views

    There are people who destroy their makeup just to put videos of it on social media. For the likes and for the different reactions they receive from their audience. It's surprising to see that there are a number of individuals that engage in this. 

  2. 2. Awareness

    People destroy to create awareness, and to help consumers choose their products wisely. By breaking the makeup product, they can inform their consumers about what ingredients went into the product and call out companies for deceiving customers. 

    1. 3. New products

      The art of transforming a product into another! You see a number of people mixing two or three of their lipsticks and making it into a new shade. On YouTube there are tutorials on how to make DIY lipstick; all you gotta do is melt it all together.

    2. 4. ASMR

      This one is interesting as well as unpleasant (imo). Many people eat edible makeup products for ASMR, as is the case with the video linked. But there are actually people who take videos of themselves chewing real makeup products up close so you can hear the sound of the product being eaten.