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Budget Friendly Ways to Decorate for the Holidays

We all know how stressful the holidays get; here are some ways to help you feel a little more confident and less stressed out!

Buy a fake Christmas tree!

These babies last for a WHILE! I know for a lot of families, it’s a tradition to buy a fresh, real, Christmas tree each year – the humbling pine scent gets us in a holiday mood like no other, but there’s tons of benefits to a synthetic tree! First off, the savings! You spend money on a good quality, synthetic material tree one year and then you get to re-use the same one for quite a few more years. 

    Re-use your ornaments!

    I totally understand having colour schemes for Christmas decorations – my family LOVES them. Something super simple (and affordable) to do when it comes to ornaments is to make them yourself! Make a whole night of it! Get the whole family together, put on a cute Christmas movie (my personal favourite is The Polar Express), serve some appetizers and get creative! You can buy some plain ornaments from your local dollar store and grab some paint and glitter too! It makes for a super fun, low-budget, and humbling family gettogether! 

    The more the merrier…STOCKING STUFFERS!

    Stockings are a lot of fun, especially when there’s lots of stuff in them! The best way to do this one is to buy in bulk! You could mix up some mini-chocolates and make some tiny Christmas cards (fold up some paper and get a little artistic). The possibilities are endless – bath bombs, face masks, lip balms – even mini cologne/perfume! Even if you prefer buying less items, you can totally make some things yourself! Print out some cute pictures of you and the person you’re gifting the stocking to, pair that with some cute little messages on the back of each photo and you’ve got yourself a meaningful, low-effort gift! 

    Whether it’s buying in bulk, re-using decorations or making your own, there’s tons of ways to accomplish your dream holiday aesthetic on a low budget!

    Petra Korkomaz

    Laurier Brantford '22

    Petra is a Criminology student and pursuing a Minor in Human Rights and Human Diversity. She has a huge love for sushi, animals, and taking pictures of anything and everything! Cats and horses are her ultimate weaknesses (#CatPerson). Outside of HerCampus, Petra is usually found hanging out with her friends, binge-watching Netflix or playing with her puppy and 2 kittens! (They're adorable)
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