Being Afraid to Be Afraid

There are so many unanswered questions that drive us crazy: What if this happens? What if that happens? Will I be able to do it? Will I fail? The list can go on and on. No one is supposed to "know" how to live life. Each and every one of us are just thrown into the world and we learn as we go. You’re supposed to have questions that make your heart stop - life is hard!

So many of our super important decisions in life are made on a whim. The best things happen when you think the least and you listen to your feelings. There’s a reason why we have a special thing called intuition!

The truth is: life is scary. You have no idea what will happen tomorrow, next week or next year. Nothing is for certain; it’s impossible to predict the future. This is something we all know, but what’s interesting is that not many people realize that they actually have a hard time accepting it. You would be surprised at how many struggle day to day simply because they don’t know what to expect. The unknown is a terrifying thing, but it’s inevitable, it’s the reality.

Although it can be subtle, anxiety affects everyone in different ways over different circumstances. There are people who get extremely distraught because they can’t bear the thought of stepping into the unknown. When you really think about it, the outcome of a situation can never truly be expected. You can accept a job offer, but how do you know you will excel? You can book a flight for next week, but how do you know you’ll wake up tomorrow? You don’t! That’s the scary, but amazing, thing about life: you never know! 

It’s completely terrifying to take risks in life, especially the older and more independent you become. No one is ready for anything, and there is no way to be fully prepared for whatever the day throws at you. Whether it’s an unexpected flat tire on the highway or a distraught phone call from a loved one, you literally never know. Being faced with hard decisions is a part of growing up. The older you get, the less acceptable it becomes to call your mommy every time something goes wrong or to say "No" just because you’re comfortable where you’re at. The sole purpose of life is to serve you with experiences that teach you to grow up. Don’t you think it would be super boring to stay in the same position your whole life just because you’re afraid? I think it’s crazy! Don’t get me wrong, no one should tell you how to live your own life, but someone’s gotta tell you to grow up! 

Life. Is. Scary. It’s SUPPOSED to be that way! Asking those "what if" questions is great…to a certain extent. It’s really important to think of possible outcomes, but there’s a difference between thinking of those possibilities and creating excuses. Live your life like you want to tell a great story. You’re going to have ups and downs – it’s genuinely inevitable. Humans are made to adapt, and you’ve been surviving whatever life has thrown at you so far. What’s the worst that can happen? People stress too much! Take a breath and relax! It’s okay to put yourself out there, it’s okay to be vulnerable and most importantly, it’s OKAY to be afraid! 

Your life is the way it’s supposed to be, in whatever way you may experience it. It’s unique and catered only to you. Live it! Money comes and goes - treat yourself. Tell your crush you like them, apply to that internship, say YES to that international job offer! Just do it and don’t think; your life is meant to be lived.