5 Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Concert Experience

I have been attending concerts for as long as I can remember. I have been to pop, punk and country concerts, and I have even jumped around in a Christian rock mosh pit! My family and I enjoy live music and will go to great lengths just to see a concert.

I have compiled a list of tips for you, the reader, to help boost your overall concert experience.

  1. 1. Sign up for presales

    Sign up for coupon codes and presales because you just never know! I have been part of so many presales and I am incredibly thankful for them. It’s quite easy and doesn’t take too long to signup for a presale. Once you’ve signed up, you get a code that you can use to buy tickets. You’ll get tickets on presale days and have a better chance at grabbing amazing seats!

  2. 2. Purchasing your tickets

    Buy tickets directly from the venue, rather than a ticket site. When I saw Panic! At the Disco for the second time, I bought tickets for my sister and I directly from the venue. It saved us money and time and was super easy! If you have the opportunity to do it, take the chance.

  3. 3. Be smart about seat location

    Floor tickets might not always be best. That’s right! I said it! Floor seats aren’t always the best seats. People stand and may be taller than you and people tend to get super rowdy on the floor and that may not be your style. I actually prefer seats that are just off the floor. It gives you a wicked view of the show without the risk of someone being standing right in front of you all while you stand on the floor.

  4. 4. Buy merch online

    Buy merchandise online rather than at the venue. If you order before your concert, it gives you a chance to wear your merch to the show, and if you order afterwards, it’s a great memento. When you order online, you skip the long ass lines that merch booths always seem to have, which is always a plus!

  5. 5. Choose your buddy wisely

    Choose the right companion for your concert experience! Take someone with you who shares your passion either for live music or for the musician/band you’re seeing. Try to refrain from taking someone who will talk through the entire thing because that will just ruin the experience.

There you have it! 5 tips and tricks to consider the next time you go to purchase your tickets, your merchandise, and even when deciding who you should ask to tag along. Please enjoy!