21 Struggles of Being a Potterhead

1. You mentally sort everyone you meet into a Hogwarts house.

2. You hate seeing the series on the children’s shelves in bookstores because like, hello . . . I’m old and still obsessed.

3. You don’t know what to do with people who have only watched the movies.

4. Nothing breaks your heart quite like someone telling you they started reading the series but never finished it.

5. You feel an immediate sense of connection and respect towards people you see in public who have Harry Potter merch.

6. You wish you could read the series again for the first time.

7. Other books and movies will come out with reviews saying, “The next Harry Potter…” and there’s no way of telling them they’re wrong. There will never be another Harry Potter. Period.

8. You jiggle with joy at the slightest Harry Potter reference in pop culture.

9. Getting a friend hooked on the series will forever be your greatest accomplishment (in your opinion).

10. You legitimately get angry that people can’t understand and appreciate how much of a plotting genius J.K. Rowling truly is.

11. Everyone thinks you’re a dork.

12. Pottermore didn’t sort you into the house you wanted to be in.

13. You had an existential crisis the first time you finished the last book. You just sat there like, “Now what?”

14. Your significant other doesn’t want a Harry Potter-themed wedding.

15. It makes you sad that you’ll never know what your patronus really is.

16. You’re becoming overwhelmed because every time you re-read the series you stumble across yet ANOTHER genius move that Rowling pulled.

17. If your house had a cupboard under the stairs, you would turn it into your bedroom.

18. If you ever break up with your significant other, you'll hand them a sock and say, "You're a free elf now."

19. You almost fainted the first time you set foot in Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

20. Every time you clean your room or wash the dishes, you wish you were a witch/wizard so magic could do it for you.

21. You’re STILL waiting on your Hogwarts letter.