20 Signs You’re Over This Semester

Written with the assistance of the wonderful Amanda Crocker, 3rdyear psychology honours student at Brock U. 

As we’re gearing up for the final week of the semester, you can practically taste summer. However, that mountain of homework piling up at your desk has you wanting to throw in the towel right now. Miley Cyrus was wrong about this one, I am not enjoying “The Climb” to freedom. Here’s just a few signs that you are also done with this semester. 

1. Sweats and yoga pants have become a staple in your wardrobe. 

2. If a class doesn’t have an attendance and participation grade you probably won’t be attending or participating.

3. When you come to and realize you’ve been staring at the wall for 10 minutes because your brain is dead. 

4. Waiting in line for your 4th coffee of the day while reflecting on your life choices. 

5. Your new mantra is: “Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow.” 

6.  You’re jealous of your dog because he gets to stay home. 

7. You skip class to catch up on another class, creating a vicious cycle. 

8. The assignment isn’t due in 2 days, it’s due in exactly 43 hours and 20 minutes. 

9. You find yourself deep cleaning your room as a way to procrastinate doing homework. 

10. You’re scrolling through Netflix more than you’re scrolling through My Learning Space. 

11. You wonder why your prof hates you when they set the due date for 1 P.M. instead of 11:59 P.M. 

12. You check your Instagram DMs more than your email. 

13. The grade calculator to find out the minimum mark you need is the only math you’re willing to do. 

14. You strongly feel that whoever invented SparkNotes deserves their own holiday. 

15. The day you finally decide to get your academics in order is the day the LORIS system decides to do maintenance.

16. You’re so excited for summer you forget that it means going back to your summer job. 

17. You’re so busy you have to schedule your breakdowns. 

18. Your brain is so fried from focusing that when you talk to people you need subtitles to register what they’re saying. 

19. Notes become valuable currency among your classmates. 

20. You realize all of the stress, deadlines, and activities have allowed you to bond with your cohorts and have made you a better student… but you’re still ready to lay by the pool with a margarita.