10 Tips for Scoring Big When Second-Hand Shopping

I will rarely pay full price for a fashion-related item. I simply believe overpriced fashion is overrated and I prefer to shop second-hand. I definitely enjoy it more than shopping at a regular ol’ retailer.

To be quite frank, I love second-hand shopping. For me, it isn’t just about how much water it takes to make one new cotton t-shirt (it’s about 2,700 liters btw) but it’s about how great I feel when I find a fantastic item at an unbeatable price. As a university student, trying to keep up with fast fashion, it is nearly impossible on my budget. I have been second-hand shopping, or thrift shopping, for almost a year now. I know it can seem daunting at first, but hopefully, with my 10 tips, you will feel ready to tackle any rack life throws at you! These tips should help second-hand shopping rookies as well as pros!

1. Join the club!

Sign up to receive store newsletters and discounts or deals, and follow the stores on social media.

2. Never be afraid to shop in a section that may be too small or too large.

Sometimes things are put away in the wrong section. Believe me, it happens far too often.

3. Set a budget.

It can be easy to get carried away by amazing deals but make sure to stay within your set budget. Second-hand shopping is about quality, not quantity.

4. Check the item thoroughly.

Check for wear and tear and fraying fabrics. Check for scratches on furniture and stains that can’t be removed.

5. Talk to the employees.

Get to know the employees and they’ll know you. Maybe they’ll swing a discount your way once in a while. Besides, if you’re going to be shopping at that store a lot, it’s nice to be able to put a name to a face.

6. Baskets are handy, but a cart is nicer.

If you shop at a store that has shopping carts, take one because I bet you will want the extra room. Whether it be for a pair of shoes, or for your jacket, you will want that extra space.

7. Find out what days they restock and try to go on that day.

Going on a day they restock ensures you’ll have a chance to be the first to comb the racks for the newest arrivals.

8. Dress appropriately.

Wear shoes that are comfy and that are easy to take off. Don’t wear clothes that you will have to peel off your body. I always try to wear jeans and a t-shirt so I can try on sweaters and jackets with ease.

9. Go in with a plan.

Write down a list of what you’re looking for and try to stick to it so you don’t feel too overwhelmed.

10. Bring a charged smartphone!

I can’t tell you the number of times I needed to look up a brand and the retail value. It has honestly saved me a lot of time and money and I can’t stress it enough. A charged smartphone is a lifesaver!

So, there you have it, my top 10 tips for second-hand shoppers. Thanks for reading and happy hunting!