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My boyfriend and I at my senior prom
My boyfriend and I at my senior prom
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You’re Invited To…Memorable Send-off Ideas for Your Wedding

This week, as we say goodbye to the semester, we are going to talk about the creative ways that couples end their wedding, with sendoffs! Send Offs are the last chance guests have to see the couple for the night, and many couples choose very fun ways to do this! Some couples even have them after the ceremony, which allows for even more unique send-offs.

1. Sparklers

This is a very popular send-off idea. Every guest is given a sparkler, and they form two lines, leaving room in the middle for the couple to run through. The couple runs through the middle, sparklers going off on either side, and it is very magical and makes for great photographs to end the night!

2. Beach balls 

Beach balls are a perfect send-off for a beach wedding! They can be customized and ordered in almost any color, so you can get them in your wedding colors to make them even more personal. This type of send-off usually occurs after a ceremony, where guests toss them around above the couple’s head as they are walking back down the aisle. 

3. Silly String 

For the fun-loving couple, silly string is the perfect exit strategy. This send-off can happen after either the ceremony or reception. To make it even more fun, the couple could also have some to spray back at the guests!

4. Flower Petals

Flower petals are an elegant touch to any wedding and would make any sendoff beautiful. To make it more unique to the wedding, you can use the type of flower that is in the bouquet, or one of a similar color so that the send-off has a personal touch. 

5. Sky Lanterns 

This is a unique activity that everyone, including the bride and groom, can get in on. Have guests write something on the lantern, such as wishes for the couple, a memory of them, advice, etc., before sending it off into the sky. This makes the send-off super personal and can lead to beautiful photographs and memories for all. 

These are just a few send-off ideas, and they can make any goodbye perfect!

Anna Wall

Lasell '22

Lasell University Event Management Student, Class of 2022. She loves llamas, event planning, and country music :)
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