Your New Go To V-Day Makeup Look Thanks to the #BratzChallenge

You’d be lying if you didn’t think Bratz dolls were stylish AF when you were younger.  Yeah, Barbie was cool, but Bratz were like the edgier, cooler cousin that you low-key wanted to be.  People all over the world on Instagram have been feeling the same way lately, hence the #BratzChallenge that has been taking over the Internet.


So, what better way to report on the #BratzChallenge than trying it out?!  I was totally inspired by this red and pink heart look, perfect for Valentine’s Day.



I started with the basics (foundation, concealer, and brows) and then went right to work on the eyes because I knew it would take me the longest.  The first part of this to conquer was the cut crease. It was a little tricky at first (I found a SUPER helpful tutorial here), but I think I ended up getting it!  I loved the way the darker pink looked with the light pink/ white on the lid.  


Next was the liner, mascara, and lashes.  I used the Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise eyeliner and the Ardell Magnetic Accent lashes both for the first time and WOW, 10/10 would recommend both products.  The shading on the eyes, hearts, and lipstick were all done in the Colourpop ultra satin liquid lipstick in the shade Dopey and I loved how cohesive they all looked together.  The access blush definitely looked a bit crazy at first, but it added to the pinky V-Day glam look once they hearts were placed over it!



This look took me FOREVER, but was so much fun once it was complete.  It may be a bit TOO much for a Valentine’s Day night out, but I can now say I’ve conquered the #BratzChallenge!