Your New Bestfriend For Your Dream Curls: the Denman Brush

My parents bought me the brush while picking up some hair products after the hair lady sold them on the idea that this was the perfect brush for curls. I tried the brush and was quickly disappointed that it did not detangle my hair and it was rather painful to use. I put the brush in the back of my drawer and didn’t use it for a month. Little did I know that I was using it wrong.

I follow numerous curly hair and natural hair influencers, to try to pick up some of their tips for managing my curls, or lack of after day 2 of washing. When I saw something pop up a little black brush with a pink bed and white bristles. They were raving about using that brush for styling their curls after they wash and detangle their hair. I wanted it…. Until I realized had the generic brand of it.

The Denman brush has changed my life, it takes a while to find out what technique works for you and it isn’t full proof, but since using that styling tool I have noticed a difference in my hair. My first-day hair looks amazing and the next day looks just as great.

I know a lot of YouTubers say do small sections, but I find that two-inch sections are a good rule of thumb because smaller sections may give me for defined curls, but they frizz more and die down quicker. When using 2-inch sections I was able to wear my hair down up to six days after a wash without having it look crazy or flat(my roots are almost straight).

I use the brush after a shower after I use my Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk and brush my hair to make sure my tangles are out. I brush my hair using the Denman brush. I brush my hair going up or out so that I can have more volume with my roots. Then I top it off applying coconut oil to my hair.

I know people also use it work in the product. You can change the rows of bristles to have tighter or fatter curls. I know some people like brushing their hair to detangle with leave-in, however, I find that it doesn’t work well. It can be helpful to help reduce frizz. So there are so many ways to use the brush.

I’m still exploring new techniques to use this brush. But what I can say after using it all summer is that I love my Denman brush and you need to buy one.