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Twins are a hot commodity these days; they’re cute, they’re fun, and they’re the best two for one deal you can possibly get! But with all of these myths about twins flying around social media, I thought it would be best to sit down and bust these twin myths so you could hear it from a real live example. So whether you’re another twin, an expecting mother, or simply just curious, feel free to sit back and enjoy.

Myth 1: Twins are always best friends

False! Twins are just like any other siblings. There will be times when they don’t get along, but also (hopefully) times when they do. Just remember that it’s very typical for twins to spend a lot of time together and that sometimes disagreements will come up. Not all siblings are best friends and that’s okay!

Myth 2: Twins can read each other’s minds

This is also false! Although I will say, my twin brother and I do think quite similarly and have been known to finish each other’s sentences; but like I said before, siblings, twins especially, spend a lot of time together and are raised by the same people, so it’s not uncommon for them to think similarly.

Myth 3: Twins run in the family

This is true! People are more likely to have twins if it runs in the family. However, this only works with fraternal twins. Identical twins are not hereditary and are in fact an unexplained occurrence in nature. But that just makes them so much cooler!

Myth 4: There’s always a “good” twin and an “evil” twin

False! While it’s true that twins can feel a lot of pressure to compete with each other, this does not mean that one child is worse than another. Just like any other siblings, twins are two completely different people and should be recognized as such.

Myth 5: Twins have the same fingerprints/DNA

Not true. While twins do share most of their DNA, there is always a small percentage that is different. When they say “everyone is different,” this means twins too. As for fingerprints, those do not develop genetically, but through environmental factors, meaning that twins’ fingerprints will never be the same.

Myth 6: Twins can only be born through a C-section

False! While many women prefer to have a c-section instead (my mother included) there are actually a lot of women who still have natural births with twins! It’s all about the mother’s preference and what is best for her health.

Hi everyone! My name is Marisa Fertitta and I’m a freshman at Lasell University. I’m a fashion media major, but I also love to sing and play volleyball! Just a fun fact, my favorite color is pink. :)
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