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Yes, Your Lifestyle Affects Your Skin

Skincare is not as simple as you think it is. Their are numerous influences that can have a major impact yours on skin. Skincare seems to be oversimplified in the media, either you have oily acne-prone skin or dry, dehydrated skin, and that won’t change much. That statement is false and creates the idea that your skincare shouldn’t evolve as we do as humans. Don’t freak out if you see your skin is a little dryer than usual or you seem to be breaking out, it could just be an environmental factor and it may be temporary.

Diet… we all know to eat healthy so that you can live a nice long life and maybe you want to have a nice figure. But diet also has a huge impact on your appearance more than just your body size, specifically your skin. Your diet can play a huge role in how your skin looks. If you get fried foods you’re more likely to break out compared to healthy oils that create a glowing complexion. If you eat dairy or drink caffine it has also shown a connection to acne outbreaks. You should try to eat a healthy and balanced diet for good skincare.

Exercise can even affect your skin if you tend to be more sweat prone. It may be worth thinking about washing your face after exercise if you don’t already do that. Exercise can also affect your skin if it tends to be sensitive, because of overheating and sweating. This can even affect you if you have eczema, so treat your skin afterward for the best results. Make sure to not work out with makeup to avoid clogging your pores during a workout, you don’t need a full face to do cardio.

Locations can also play a role in our skin. If you visit areas that have more population or move to an area with more population, you may notice some changes in your skincare and you need to promote skin generation. People react differently some people tend to get dryer, others more sensitive and some break out. Humidity and temperature also play a role in your skincare. Hot weather and cold environments with heating can make cause skin rashes, tightness, and dryness. While low humidity causes dry skin while high humidity causes oiliness.

The change in your water can also affect your skincare. If you go across the country, do not fret if you notice your skin changing. Hard water also can cause dryness, most of us can not choose what water we were in and depend on city water lines. High winds can also affect your skin and make it very dry and cause it to crack. You can use hydrating products to try to counteract this effect.

Ariana is the Editor In Chief for Her Campus Lasell. She is a senior at Lasell double majoring in Business Management and Marketing. When she's not editing for HC Lasell, she's binge-watching Netflix or buried in a good book.
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