Women's History Month: Aliza Bogosian & Tessa Dinnie

Today Her Campus Lasell is celebrating Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day by sharing the spirit of two bold and adventurous women in the Lasell community.  While these two friends are inspirational on their own, together the laughter is never ending and the memories never dull. Two juniors who go by the names of Aliza Bogosian and Tessa Dinnie share a strong love for politics and cats in their friendship, and more importantly a desire to empower women.

Bogosian and Dinnie have many common interests, which makes their friendship strong and their involvement at Lasell similar.  Both women are Peer Health Educators, work for admissions, participate in the Active Minds club, studied abroad last fall semester, and have recently starred in the Lasell production of Vagina Monologues. However, Bogosian is also part of the Honors Program, while Dinnie is Vice President of the Junior class and an active Relay for Life participant.  

These two highly motivated women find inspiration from two unique women in history. Bogosian mentioned George Sand saying, “She’s a french novelist, essayist and socialist and she started her own socialist newspaper. She would always wear men’s clothing in public and in the 1800s. She’s really brave. So she says, ‘You can bind my body, you can tie my hands, govern my actions, you are the strongest and society adds to your power, but with my will sir, you can do nothing.’ I just love that.”

Dinnie stated that, “I guess my go-to is always Eleanor Roosevelt because she’s awesome. She just kind of did her own thing and didn’t really let FDR get in the way of that. She knew her power and she knew how to use it.”  Even though Bogosian, Dinnie, Sand, and Roosevelt came from different time periods they all share one thing in common. All four of these women are brave and willing to stand up for their beliefs and their rights.