Winter Fashion Trends You NEED to Try This Upcoming Season

Not sure where to turn to for all the winter fashion trends? Are there too many to keep track of? Well, consider these the only winter trends you need to think about.

Hair Pins 

Need a way to keep your hair in place and express yourself at the same time? Call on the trusty personalized hairpin that you have seen all over Instagram. You can go for the cute, sparkly one or the daring, empowering one. You can even wear more than one for even more of a statement. 

Neon Turtlenecks 

Brighten up those cold days with the help of a neon turtleneck. This is an essential staple for those who like to put on a modern twist on a classic piece. However you choose to wear this winter apparel, you’re sure to be the boldest one in the room.


Whether it is shoes or purses footwear snakeskin is the new leopard. Don’t toss out the leopard, just add a snakeskin accessory for another way to spice up a winter outfit. 


Silk Scarves

Silk scarves are everywhere. I feel like I have been seeing them in every store. There a cute little accessory to tie around your neck or to tie around your purse. There are also many hair accessories out there now that are a hair tie with a little silk scarf at the end. 

Oversized Denim Jackets

Don’t want to put on your heavy winter puffer jacket yet? That’s okay! Oversized denim jackets are in style and perfect for layering over your favorite sweatshirt. 

Square Neck Tops 

This was a popular trend for the summer, but is carrying throughout the rest of the year. It could also be the fact that anything and everything '90s is now back in fashion. Square necks are going to be in every form of sweaters, blouses, and even square-neck dresses for winter.

    Collect these classic pieces and you will sure be on trend.