Why Your Teachers Are Your #1 Resource During Finals

*UGH* Finals. Talk about a stress overload!  Time for all-nighters, crash courses, and lots and lots of caffeine.  We get your overwhelmed, but we got your back.  HC Lasell here to provide you with all of our tried and true advice to stay healthy- mentally, physically, and emotionally this semester. Get ready to absolutely CRUSH those exams!

Finals are coming up and everyone is under a ton of stress. We use Quizlet, music, flashcards, and all-nighters as some of the ways to learn and review the material we’ve been taught throughout the semester. But, we forget the most important tool for finals: teachers. Our teachers are the most useful resource when it comes to studying for finals. Many may be scared to ask teachers for help, as they think it may appear like they did not pay attention during class, but they want to help you and be there for you through this stressful time. Here are some ways to have your teachers help you make the most out of the study time:

1. Ask Questions

When you are in class, do not be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes, many other students have the same question. This will not only help out you and your understanding but others as well. 

2. Ask For Practice Sheets 

Emailing your teacher and asking for some extra worksheets can help extend your practice on the topic at hand. It gives you more exercises to make sure you understand what you need to know. 

3. Attend Office Hours 

Going to office hours is one of the best ways to get extra help. You can ask one on one questions, go over homework you didn’t understand, and work on new problems right in front of your teachers. It may also help your teacher understand where you are having trouble and come up with ways to help you. 

Try some of these tools during your finals week to make the best out of your last few days of classes!