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The Real Housewives reality TV franchise is iconic; it’s the origin of many hilarious memes, quotes, and inside jokes. My faves are Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA), Potomac (RHOP), Salt Lake City (RHOSLC), and the newest, Dubai (RHOD). As messy and perhaps scripted as the episodes of these shows are, I cannot stop watching them. Even then, some people categorize these types of shows as “trash TV”, but I am way too obsessed to care.

My obsession started with RHOA. I saw glamorous black and brown women such as NeNe Leakes (unfortunately no longer on the show) and Kandi Burruss Tucker, where the cast’s relationships have high highs and very low lows. But, the comedic relief that it has is top-tier. One of my favorite lines comes from NeNe where she says, “Not a white refrigerator. Girl, put your shoes back on; let’s go find you a home.” This is a truly iconic line and I still say it at random moments. But if you have a white refrigerator, don’t be ashamed, it’s just an enjoyable phrase to repeat.

Then there is RHOP, another segment that features beautiful women who go off the handle at any time. This group of women is from Potomac, Maryland, and there’s never a moment of peace (like with all the Housewives shows), and they are almost always at each other’s throats. My favorite housewife on this show is Karen Huger. She’s the oldest amongst the women but I love her so much because she is always putting someone in check, loves herself for who she is, and in my opinion, is the NeNe of this show. Then, the same goes for the rest of the shows, RHOSLC and RHOD. Both also have hilarious women wearing glamorous clothes, going at each other’s throats, and then being best friends again for a short while. 

Lastly, my favorite part about all the shows is the reunions. At the reunions, all the tea comes out and the women are questioned about their suspicious actions on the show. The host, Andy Cohen, also joins in on the shade because he doesn’t usually refrain from holding the women accountable (sometimes). I also like to go on Twitter and use the show’s hashtags to see what other viewers are saying and if anyone agrees with my thoughts. But, in the end, as chaotic as the Real Housewives can be, they are super fun to watch and help pass the time when I’m doing something or when I’m just bored. I highly recommend anyone to watch it and just enjoy the dramatics. 

Hi! My name is Celeste and I am currently a senior, majoring in Health Science at Lasell University. On campus, I am involved in a variety of clubs such as HerCampus, the Student Government Association as the VP of Academics, the Campus Activities Board, and the Knitting Club. Also, I intern at a health center as a patient resource advocate and I work at the IT Help Desk on my campus. In my spare time, my favorite things to do are read, watch videos or movies, and sit and chat with my friends!