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Why You Should Mindfully Choose the Colors in Your Wardrobe

Clothes may just be something that you throw on every day without much thought, or they may mean something more. Mindfully choosing what clothes you are going to wear for the day can affect your emotions and the way you think, as well as how people may perceive you. Below I have listed the colors that appear most in my wardrobe, and how they may alter your energy. 

  1. Black: This color is simple, but holds a lot of meaning. It helps the wearer to feel powerful and also attracts authoritative positions. It can also prevent hurt feelings, whether that’s for you or someone else.

  2. Grey: This color is glamorous and is perfect for combining with others because of its neutrality.

  3. Pink: Pink is great for reducing stress and relaxing. 

  4. Navy Blue: This color helps the wearer experience respect and confidence, especially when it is worn with black.

  5. Green: Perfect for attracting prosperity, green can provide luck with health, growth and career.

  6. Red: As could be expected, red is a vibrant color that gives strength and passion to the wearer.

  7. White: White is a teaching and healing color, and can symbolize clarity.

This list is just a starting place, as there are infinite colors that could be chosen. Whether you follow this guide or not, it is helpful to remember that colors carry meaning throughout everyday life, and it can be used to your advantage!

Anna is from Maine and is studying fashion at Lasell.
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