Why You Should Follow Cher's Twitter

     With a decorated past in the music, television, and overall entertainment industry, Cher is a wealth of knowledge waiting to be unleashed. Her recent cameo in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again and subsequent ABBA cover album, Dancing Queen has broadened her already astronomically large fan base to a new generation. Her Twitter page is absolutely brilliant and can turn any day around, so here are a few reasons for why you should follow Cher’s twitter.


Emoji Use

     Addressing Cher’s comedic overuse of Emojis is the best place to start in breaking down the brilliance behind her account. Whether she physically tweeted it herself or not, it’s just hilarious to know that this is what is being put out in her name. She’s like a mom who is excited to hang with her children’s friends, leaving us with this visual masterpiece.


Motivational Moments

     Whether she is explaining her day or urging her audience to get out there and seize the day, this tweet is inspirational. The lack of sentence structure and seemingly random use of capitalization leaves you feeling enthusiastic. Why wouldn’t you want to sign up for this encouragement? You are now MOTIVATED for the day. Go get it girl!  


Speaking the Truth


     Though she is incredibly involved in the entertainment industry, she is not afraid to speak her mind about what she believes in. It’s important to remember celebrities are people too, and having a mega-star like Cher exemplify this is something to admire.


Family Anecdotes


     Cher’s mother is 92 years old—so the age-defying apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! You can’t help but smile to think about this scene playing out in real life. The fact that Cher undermines her iconic role in Mamma Mia! also adds to the comedic value (as if Fernando has not gone down in history). In addition to the excessive capitalization and unmatched use of Emojis, it is all beyond absurd.  


Totally Relatable

Lastly, you should follow Cher’s twitter because she’s relatable. Yeah, I’m sure she is tired, it’s exhausting being an icon! Content like this makes for the perfect Retweet, so if you are not already following, I urge you to do so now. Whether you’re looking to laugh, be inspired, or just listen to what she has to say, @cher is always providing content that always delights.