This is Why You NEED to Download Venmo for College

One of the most convenient apps I downloaded when I arrived at college was Venmo. I definitely recommend getting Venmo or other similar apps such as PayPal or Cash App. Essentially it is linked to your personal bank card and allows you to transfer funds to your friends, family, etc. This also allows you to retrieve funds from others.

This is especially convenient as not a lot of people carry around cash, none the fewer college students. So when you and a group of friends all take an Uber to the city, it can only be charged to one person per trip. Using Venmo solves that by being able to pay each other back or all pitch in a timely manner.

It could also be used if you live with roommates and all split the bills and then have certain people in charge of a specific bill, then all your money can be pooled together. Most banks offer an instant deposit with a very small fee or it can take 1-3 business for no fee. Either way, it’s going to make it into your account and they make it accessible at a very low cost if the funds are needed right away. Or if you’re away at school and need to pay your parents for things that could potentially still be in their name, such as a car payment.

The transactions can be private, friends only, or public so depending on privacy preference it’s changeable for each transaction. Overall the app works really well and is super convenient. I definitely recommend it for really anyone, but specifically college students.