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If you’ve been on social media in the past week you’ve probably seen the stories of the horrific event that took place between Lady Gaga’s dog walker and her three French Bulldogs. On February 24th Ryan Fisher, the dog walker was approached by two men who shot him and took two of the dog’s named Koji and Gustav. The third dog, Asia, was able to run away before the men snatched her and soon returned to Fisher’s side to comfort him as he was left in a pool of his own blood. Lady Gaga lept to social media and offered $500,000 to anyone who returned the dogs safely, no questions asked. 

The dogs were returned two days later by a woman who is believed to not be involved with the attack. She said she found the dogs unharmed and tied to a pole in an alleyway in Los Angeles. No one has been arrested for the shooting yet but LAPD continues to investigate the case. 

Anyone who’s a Little Monster like me knows how important the three little Frenchies are to Gaga. She’s mentioned several times before they are her kids and the four of them are a family. Fisher took to Instagram after the shooting to update people on his condition. He described the attack as a “very close call with death” but thanks all his clients, friends, and families for their photos and videos of dogs he’s been sent. 

Hopefully whoever took those little babies and shot Ryan will be brought to justice soon!

Rose Miller

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