White Savior Barbie's Best Instagram Posts

With spring break over and summer on its way, many college students have taken or will be going on mission trips to places like Africa, Asia and South America. While it’s always nice to give back, I can’t help but notice that some people seem to only do it for the ‘gram instead of actually wanting to help others. Thankfully someone else noticed the same problem and created White Savior Barbie. White Savior Barbie is an Instagram account that parodies these mission trips, and provides me with endless entertainment while I’m procrastinating on the homework I’m definitely going to do later. Here are some of my favorite White Savior Barbie Instagram posts.  

I’m so thankful that White Savior Barbie has blessed the world with the concept of self-care. Podcasts truly fix everything.

Not only is she sacrificing her Valentine’s Day, but she’s also teaching African children how to read, one candy heart at a time. Not all heroes wear capes.

White Savior Barbie not only introduced Africa to Christmas, but she also brought over another iconic piece of American culture, Mean Girls.


She’s not letting anything get in the way of her political dreams. Truly inspiring.

And best of all, White Savior Barbie knows exactly what African needs.

*All images courtesy of @barbiesavior on Instagram