Which Ariana Grande Song is Your Zodiac Sign?

     With Ariana Grande’s fourth studio album Sweetener having been released mid-August, many people are experiencing a reignited love for the pop singer. With multiple chart topping songs from every album, Ariana Grande truly is the powerhouse pop-princess of this generation. Read below to find out which song of hers best fits your zodiac sign!


Aquarius: everytime

An Aquarius is known for running from their own emotional expression, so no doubt this bop will have you feeling all the feels. This song hits Aquarians right where it hurts, the desire to be independent and a wild soul, while also wanting to feel romantically validated.


Aries: Be My Baby  

An Aries is known for their impatience and their impulses and this song is just the right amount of sass to fulfill their confident and passionate side. This song is the perfect for an Aries’ to slay to.


Cancer: Leave Me Lonely

Ahhh Cancers, the moody artist of the signs. Cancers are sometimes pessimistic in nature, assuming the worst in their relationships sometimes. However, this song helps them get in touch with both their insecurities and their confidence and know that yes, they are awesome and it’d be foolish for people not to take note of it more!


Capricorn: Dangerous Woman

Capricorns are the far more responsible and self-disciplined of the signs, however, that shouldn’t hold them back from feeling bad-ass! This song helps them remember how it’s okay to loosen their grip sometimes and just feel like the queen they are!


Gemini: breathin’

Geminis are smart and adaptable people for the most part, but sometimes they can just be so uptight! This song is a good reminder to stay positive and just keep plugging away!


Leo: Greedy

Leos are extremely passionate and generous, but they’re totally not against taking for themselves. This song is sassy and fun, while also reminding that “you’re rocking with the best,” which is exactly how other people feel around Leos!


Libra: borderline

Libras are gracious and fair-minded sure, but they also can be quite indecisive. Borderline captures the charm of the Libra to a T, while also dazzling with a little bit of uniqueness.


Pisces: Better Off

Pisces can sometimes be overly trusting, but they also are wise enough to know when to walk away from somebody. They’re compassionate and artistic, this song captures their deeply emotional selflessness, while also giving them that moody edge they sometimes crave.


Sagittarius: blazed

Sagittarius are deep feelers, but that doesn’t prevent them from having a good time! This song captures their idealistic, free-spirit side to a T. This song is going to be hard for Sagittarius to stay away from!


Scorpio: Into You

Scorpios are extremely faithful, when they find their person, they stick to them and they are never afraid to let people know! Scorpios are always super passionate in whatever they set out to accomplish, especially romantically!


Taurus: the light is coming

Taurus is uncompromising and stable, but that won't stop them from showing who’s boss sometimes! Tauruses hate complication or miscommunication, they don’t want to be misconstrued or misunderstood by their peers. The Taurus is patient and practical, but sometimes they just want to tell people who’s boss!


Virgo: Sometimes

Virgos are old-school, once they fall, they fall for that one person or group of people. Virgos are loyal until the very end, they stick it out no matter what. They are honest and practical, knowing that they never think of leaving the ones they love behind.