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What Medicine I Wish I Packed Before College

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One of my biggest worries about going off to college was getting sick. It was unpredictable what to expect. As the school year progressed and more people were getting infected with the flu, COVID, and regular colds, I immediately sought out and purchased supplies to protect myself; masks, hand sanitizer, a thermometer, and more. Surprisingly, the amount of planning I tried to account for was not enough.

At first, I had brought the medicine I used most often and knew I would absolutely need it. Unfortunately, I forgot about what medicines I would need which I didn’t realize or recognize at the time. That ended up being a big mistake.

The personal essentials I packed included;

  1. Excedrin – for my chronic migraines
  2. Benadryl – to help sleep and allergies
  3. Dramamine – for nausea
  4. Cough drops 

However, I didn’t acknowledge the effect illness going around college causes. So with that being said; here’s the list of different medications I wish I had packed before moving away into college.

  1. Tamiflu – in case of the flu
  2. Mucinex – in case of post-nasal drip or other mucus issues
  3. Nyquil – in case of inability to sleep (most likely due to being sick)
  4. Tums – this one isn’t related to getting ill however, it is definitely a need for acid reflux, heartburn, and indigestion
  5. Prescriptions – this one is not only optional but definitely specified for people who have these as they are harder to get, and bringing prescribed medications from previous illnesses could for sure help with future occasions of sick moments.
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