What It Is Like Transitioning to College in 2020

Covid-19 has negatively affected everybody in so many different ways. The high school class of 2020 has had it the most difficult with senior year being cut short and proms and graduations being canceled. The class of 2020 has to transition from a short senior year to an uncertain freshman year. Coming from experience, it hasn’t been easy and it’s hard to imagine what it was like to transition into college before the pandemic. 


Making friends outside of roommates has become much harder

Social media makes it easy to connect with other college freshmen. Friendships are formed leading up to orientation and move in, but it’s nearly impossible to make those in-person connections with Covid restrictions.


The loss of athletics and other community-building events is felt

Most schools have homecoming weekends, football games, and other activities to bring the campus together. Without these opportunities, it’s been difficult to feel the true college experience. Luckily, Lasell has been able to host these fun weekend events (with masks and socially distant), but it’s been tough for those at bigger schools. 


While there have been some struggles, there are definitely some silver linings to the new normal. 


Orientation was better balanced and more comfortable (especially with those who struggle with social anxiety)

While keeping up with masks and social distancing rules, orientation (coming from Lasell experience) had a great balance of ice breakers and downtime. Having to meet new people and talk about yourself in a big group was kept to a minimum; there was also plenty of downtimes to get comfortable with roommates and explore the campus. 


Time in college is not being taken for granted

The college class of 2024 knows that at any possible moment campus could shut down and go remote. The class is making sure that the time spent on campus is well spent and appreciated.