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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lasell chapter.

1. 100 Sketches

For my senior collection, we have to do 100 sketches and then pick 7 to create. I am currently doing those 100 sketches. It is going to be hard to choose which ones to make because I am falling in love with a lot of them. It is a lot of work but luckily the sketches only need to be rough thumbnail sketches. So they don’t all have to be 100% different from each other. 2 looks could look the same except for where the closure goes for example. 

2. 5 Looks as Flats

I have this project in Professional Presentation Methods where we need to design 5 looks for spring 2023. We have to create flats for each look. Flats are technical drawings of clothes created in adobe illustrator. It looks like the images you see while shopping on Cider, but slightly less realistic with more detail, such that someone could look at the flat and perfectly make the garment to all of your specs. 

3. 3d Printing Parts- Prototypes

For one of my looks in my senior collection, I am making moving parts. For this, I am collaborating with a mechanical engineer at Wentworth Institute of Technology (my boyfriend) to 3D print the parts for me to create this look. 

4. Patternmaking for my Tailored Coat/Dress

I am also currently working on the patterns for one of my looks for my senior collection which must be a coat. However, my coat is going to be more like half of a coat and half of a dress. I am very excited about this look as it is something I have not seen before.

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