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An Update on Kesha

In Oct. 2014, singer Kesha announced she would be suing her producer, Dr. Luke, for sexually assaulting her in the past. She no longer wants to work with him, as her contract states she has to record six more albums with the producer. However, Kesha lost her case in court in Feb. 2016, and it was decided her contract would stay in place.

As time went on, many celebrities and fans have had her back by using the hashtag #FreeKesha. At the Oscars in March, Lady Gaga performed a song titled “Till It Happens to You.” This song was dedicated to Kesha and sexual assault victims. Many other artists have shown their support through their music .

At the beginning of Oct. 2016, news emerged that Kesha was not allowed out of her contract with Sony Music. Many people have asked why the contract was never released. Sony later announced that Kesha signed contracts with Dr. Luke himself, and they were not allowed to change anything.

Kesha has not been producing new music, but she has been performing at universities and with local bands. Her caption on a Facebook video read “Don’t worry, NO ONE will ever shut me up.”

In February, after a trial date was set up, Kesha said all she ever wanted was to make music and be free from her abuser. She is willing to stay with Sony if they break all ties with Dr. Luke.

Although Kesha is obliged to record six more albums with Dr. Luke, his representation said that he is willing to let her continue without his involvement. Some people see this as a good thing, after seeing Kesha break down in the courtroom.

Kesha has decided to continue making her music with Sony, but her fight will still continue, as her trial is quickly approaching. She is still looking to break the contract, but for right now she wants her music out to the public. 

Lady Gaga Oscar performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEjaXXu69Us


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