The Ultimate Guide to Friendsgiving

     With the Thanksgiving season upon us, many groups of friends will be hosting an annual celebrations many call “friendsgiving”, a time to be grateful for the friendships in our lives with food, music, and all the good things that come with a party. Here’s a few suggestions for your next friendsgiving:


A good playlist

     Think of a mix of chill, dinner party music and Christmas music, definitely take into consideration the music taste of your friends, as it is a time for you all to be comfortable and celebrate each other and the things that bring you together, which often might include your taste in music.

Plenty of food

     Many friendsgiving celebrations take place within college or young adult friend circles; people that are generally tight on money but who also want to have a good time with their friends. If you’re going for a turkey, don’t be overconcerned about having leftovers, prioritize having a reasonable spread of food to suit all needs. There’s no shame in using Pillsbury rolls and microwaving sides!


     Considering scouring Pinterest for some easy DIY decor, and I always suggest combing through the miscellaneous decorations in your apartments and dorms to pull together a nice tablescape for the centerpiece.

Wonderful friends!

     It is friendsgiving after all, make sure to take time to appreciate all your friends at your gathering, maybe have everyone say a little something before you eat, or even make it into an activity or game before dinner. Tis the season to be thankful, so take the time now make sure your friends know how much you love them!

Happy thanksgiving, and friendsgiving, everyone!