The Ultimate Dorm Room Decorations for Thanksgiving this Year

Fall is the ultimate season to eat good food, enjoy the festivities, and most importantly, spend time with your family.  Here at Her Campus Lasell, we’ve curated the ultimate guide on how to absolutely *crush* this Thanksgiving season, from how to perfectly decorate your dorm for the holiday, cooking tips and tricks for the holiday, and the importance of giving back. 

Everyone loves decorating their dorms for different holidays. Thanksgiving is the last holiday we can really decorate for before winter break, as we leave so early before Christmas. Here are some of our ideas to decorate your dorm for Thanksgiving. 

1. Sparkly leaf garland 

Get your dorm in the fall mood in the most sparkly way! This is a DIY project that is so fun! Go outside your dorm room and collect a decent amount of leaves from the ground. Next, get some glue and dip the leaves in it. You will then dip the leaves into glitter, whichever color you prefer, and set to dry. You will do this with all of the leaves you have collected. Once they have dried, use a hole punch to make a hole in the leaf and string the leaves onto a piece of string. You will then have a beautiful leaf garland you can hang in your dorm!

2. Fall scents

Nothing says fall like warm fall scents. There are so many scents to try that will put you in the holiday mood. Get some dessert scents to prepare yourself for your Thanksgiving feast when you get home! For schools that don’t allow candles, you can get things such as essential oils, soaps, and lotions.

3. Thankfulness Tree

Use construction or tissue paper to make a tree on your dorm door. Use brown for the trunk of the tree, and then take construction paper and make leaves out of red, yellow, and orange pieces. On each of the leaves, write what you are thankful for and tape them on and around the tree. 

Have a great Thanksgiving!!