Tyler's Take: Pop Star Gone Bedding Enthusiast?

Is it just me or was no one else aware of former Destiny’s Child diva, Michelle Williams, latest release of her own bedroom collection?


With Beyoncé ruling the world (forever & always) and Kelly Rowland in the process of formulating the next stellar girl group on her upcoming show Chasing Destiny; Michelle is chasing her own destiny. This DT underdog’s destiny happens to be the launch of a bedroom collection, Believe Home which offers unique duvets and embroidered sheet sets that really are like nothing else in the current bedding market like I’ve seen before.


Take a few moments to look at some of these amazing beddings offered from this truly one-of-kind bedroom collection:



As you can see from these two images (Provided by Evine.com), this bedding is definitely made for a particular household. I am getting some strong middle-aged-stay-at-home-Orange-County-soccer-mom vibes just by looking at the bedding sets before your very eyes.


Another thing that gets me the most about this whole collection is the fact that on the main promotion ad, there’s a line that says, “Follow your dreams,” with the pop icon gone bedroom décor enthusiast sprawled across a bed. I would like to think that releasing some janky bedroom collection wasn’t really what Michelle had been dreaming about all her life thus far. Maybe having a breakout music career and successfully riding solo post Destiny’s Child could be considered more of an admirable dream?


Anyways, props to Michelle for following her "dreams" and creating her own bedroom collection. Check Believe Home out online at Evine.com or hit up your local Sears, where I am just assuming that this product line will be sold.