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Trump Wins the 2016 Presidential Election

Election 2016 has finally come to a close, and a winner has been chosen. Our next president is Mr. Donald Trump.

Trump had the most electoral votes, 279, while opponent Hillary Clinton trailed behind with 228 votes. Trump’s victories mostly came from the states in the South and Midwest, while Clinton’s came from the East Coast and West Coast. Trump’s votes came from states like Texas, Montana, Florida, Alaska, and Kansas. Clinton won Connecticut, Massachusetts, and California.

Even though Trump won more electoral votes, he did not win the popular vote. Clinton actually beat Trump by a little more than 200,000 votes. Although Clinton won the popular vote, it is the electoral college who elects the president. The electoral college is a body of 538 people representing each state who formally cast their votes for the president. Each elector is appointed and cannot be a state representative, senator, or hold any type of office in Trust or Profit. In all but two states, the electors choose whichever nominee receives the majority of the state’s vote.

No matter the political affiliation, we are all just glad the election is finally over. Trump will be inaugurated into office on Jan 20, 2017.

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Kyle Mahoney

Lasell '18

Kyle Mahoney is a recent Lasell College graduate. Kyle majored in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations, with a minor in Business. Kyle has written for Her Campus Lasell for three years, as well with completing an internship with HCHQ Spring semester of 2018.
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